Sunday, October 14, 2007

Adventure Par-tay

Last night was the annual Backcountry Adventure party. It's the equivalent of most company's Christmas party, but this was better. In my post about last year's adventure party I mentioned how the employees all rack up points for recreating. Those points put you in a raffle for some rad gear prizes. Once again, this year I didn't win any of the "big" prizes, but that is all right. All the employees got these super rad Backcountry branded Skullcandy headphones, an Ogio duffle bag, and a windstopper beanie. Of course everything has the Goat on it.

Each of the guests also received a beanie and headphones (that was rad). All of the employees won door prizes as well. This year I won a Smith package. I'll be getting a new ski helmet, goggles, and sunglasses. I also won a pair of Montrail shoes. Could you say I am super stoked? Yes you could.

In the tradition of last year's post (does one year make up a tradition?) here is a breakdown of my points:

5 camping points (5 nights camping), 9 hiking points, 5 paddling points, 22 climbing points, 25 trail running points, 46,572 vertical feet ascended, 21 road biking points (hooray for biking to the carpool), and 297 pieces of trash picked up.

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