Monday, October 16, 2006

Adventure Party

Saturday was my work's famous Adventure Party. For the past few summers to encourage employees to live up to our company motto, "We use the gear we sell", the owners came up with the idea of the "adventure contest". The premise of the contest is you get points for every outdoor activity that you do over summer. For each activity to qualify you have to use at least two pieces of gear that we sell. Over the course of the summer you keep track of your points and at the end they host a big party where you get a raffle ticket for each point you earned. Then they raffle off a TON of gear! This year they gave away $75,000 in gear!

The party is held at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird. This year's theme was "Pray4Snow". A very fitting theme for our company at this time of year. (As a side note it snowed today). It was a good time. They had good food, a not so good band, people in costumes, old school ski movies playing in the lobby, rad new ski movies in the main area, and of course, tons of free gear! I came away from the party with an MSR Pocket Rocket stove, Nixon Unity Backpack, and a Trango Piranha Knife. I also got a t-shirt, a couple of mugs, and other small things. I didn't win a big package like I wanted (like the 5 day trip to Jackson Hole, a day heli skiing in the Wasatch, or a ski package) but I was still stoked to win what I got.

So here is what I did this summer: 3 nights camping (would have done more, but pregnant wifes aren't necessarily comfortable camping), 12 hikes, 4 days paddling (kayaks), 28 days rock climbing, 40 trail runs, picked up 615 pieces of trash, and ascended 32,410 vertical feet (1900 on a bike, 4200 hiking, 5270 climbing, and 21,040 trail running). It is weird to look at the summers activities broken down like that, it seems like I didn't do that much.

We did a ton as a company overall we had about: about 380 nights camping, 972 hikes, 628 trail runs, picked up about 8700 pieces of trash, 117 ski days, 114 paddle trips, ascended almost 2 million vertical feet, and I don't really remember the rest but I will update it after I get the info from work.

[Updated with correct totals]

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The Millers said...

I think it sounds like you did a lot.