Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I love spam!!

No I'm not talking about the wonderful meat from the blue can (I say wonderful yet I've never had SPAM, perhaps I should go buy some). I got the best email today while I was at work. I wrote it down so I could share it with all of you:

"Hi! I am Valentina and would like to meet you.
Email me to: onlinelove@****.ru (I added the asterisks)
I’ll be waiting. Bye!"

The fact that this beautiful women (only beautiful women send emails like this) sent this email to me is pure luck, no...wait, it must be fate! She wants to meet me and she's waiting! It must be my lucky day. Oh, and grammar isn't a strong point. I particularly like "email me to"... I didn't think a person could fit in an email.

What blows me away is someone out there (probably more than a few people) will think this is legit and reply.


climbingrocks said...

yeah i got that email, that girl is really nice! she likes water polo and chicken nuggets. kidding....

climbinskier said...

There's no way that girl talked to you, she only emailed me! It was meant to be, I played water polo and I do enjoy chicken nuggets.