Monday, April 10, 2006

I am clearly a "laggard" on the Beard Technology Adoption Curve

Everett Rogers created what is now known as the "Rogers Adoption/Innovation Curve" in his book titled Diffusion of Innovation. By this model you can classify the willingness of individuals to adopt new technology. A few months ago, while skiing with a friend on a particularly cold, powder day, he commented on how the "Beard Technology" was keeping his face warm. This comment caused me to ponder "Beard Technology" and inevitably I wound up persuing the thought of where I would fit on the adoption curve for this technology and what/who would make up the different categories. The chart below illustrates what I believe the beard technology curve would look like and where I would fit on it.

I know I have a long wait until I can fully take advantage of this technology, which clearly places me into the "laggard" category, so when the day comes that I can finally grow a fully beard I will will be growing one just like Grizzly Adams. Not because I have the desire to look like him but because I will finally be able to take advantage of the Beard Technology.