Thursday, October 25, 2007

What? Post Regularly?

So apparently I have "blogpostirregularisophrenia-syndrome". Look it up on Wikipedia, I'm sure it's a real thing. I always have the best intentions of posting a couple times a week, but for some reason it never really turns out.

Here's exciting stuff that is going on:

-Got Fritschi Freeride AT Bindings.
-Started using Google Analytics for a project I'm helping with.
-It snowed a bunch last week.
-Ski season is coming
-Cute pictures of Penelope (my goodness she is getting big!)
-And my wife is pretty much the coolest wife...ever!
-Oh yeah, did I mention ski season is coming?

1 comment:

The Millers said...

How have I not read your blog for a week? Oh yeah, 'cause someone never post so I forget to check it. :) And yes, I am pretty much the coolest wife ever. Good thing I married the coolest husband ever.