Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funny Words

So Penelope has been showing an interesting in potty training lately. The last couple of days we've been testing the waters with her. Tonight she had two hilarious quotes (at least hilarious to me):

"Daddy, if you need to pee just tell me and then run to the potty". We kept telling her tonight that if she needed to go to tell us and run to the bathroom. I supposed it stands to reason that she'd expect the same from us.

Then while trying to go: "Mommy, I'm just trying to get my pee to work".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


One of our first tastes of Cincinnati was about two weeks ago, the day after Jessica and the girls arrived. We went to a little chili place around the corner named Pleasant Ridge Chili. It was the Cincinnati style chili. Everyone says to go to Skyline Chili since it was the original. We haven't been there yet but Pleasant Ridge was awesome! The chili was unlike chili from the west. Put it on spaghetti with onions, cheese, and beans and it's hard to beat.

I got a massive plate and it was only about $5!

They also had their 'famous' gravy fries which are essentially crinkle-cut fries smothered in gravy and cheese. Man, they were good. They sounded like they'd be gross but not at all!

We are going to start making these from home. It'll be super easy and cheap.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Big Move - Day 4

The last and final day. This is the day we unloaded the truck and the day that Jessica, the girls, and my mom flew out.

Thanks to help from four guys from the ward the truck was fully unloaded in an hour and 15 minutes:

Woah that's a lot of stuff. The girls' room:

Our room:

Penelope was excited to find her marble game:

With some unpacking and organization it begins to look more open and less crammed:

Peneloped napped:

Maya napped:

So far we like our apartment. It is beginning to feel more like home as we make it our own.

The Big Move - Day 3

Since the previous days drive took between one to two hours longer than on paper, I decided that we needed to be on the road at 5 am to get to Cincinnati at a decent time. Steve wasn't too stoked since we'd be getting up at 3:30 his time (but really it was 4:30).

The Iowa sunrise:

The morning was hazy again, but it gave more great pictures with windmills:

I was surprised at how many massive wind farms we saw.

Apparently Iowa has "the worlds largest truckstop". Yeah, we didn't stop:

The mighty Mississip with a giant coal barge:

Hey Illinois:

Nothing worth noting in Illinois so hi Indiana:

The first sign for Cincinnati:

Hello Ohio:

Almost missed that pic. Saw it coming. Hurried to get the camera and at the last possible second snapped that pic.

We pulled into apartment parking lot at about 7:30. All told it worked out to be about 12 hours of driving (not including the time change).

I can't believe how smooth and how quickly the drive went.

The Big Move - Day 2

Day two was driving from Rawlins to Omaha. We started at a nice 6 am:

It was a hazy day, but check out the sun through the windmills (I love wind farms):

Super hazy. Check out Vedauwoo (I'll climb here one day):

And the dull landscape begins:

The monotony of the drive was broken up by the massive stands of sunflowers that lined the freeway the entire way through the state:

But we listened to a great book (I had no idea that Moby Dick was based on a true story, it was fantastic!):

The big eagle arch (I hear it's awesome on the inside):

Drive took about 10.5 hours. On paper it should have taken between 8 and 9 hours. Not too bad for driving a box truck pulling a car.

The Big Move - Day 1 Pictures

How did I occupy myself? Well...

First off here's the truck:

Me driving the truck:

Driving past the exit we always take to go to Lander:

Holding my breath through the WY tunnel:

That was it for day 1.