Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yesterdays run proved to be the most punishing yet. We were in Logan for my nephew's baptism and a familiy bbq. I knew I had to do a longer run and thought it would be a good opportunity to do run I have eyed ever since we lived in Logan. It starts at the mouth of Logan Canyon, follows along the Logan River on the Riverside Nature Trail until it meets up with the Crimson Trail loop, and finishes down the Nature Trail to the mouth of the canyon. The Crimson Trail is a steep loop that climbs up canyon, traverses back down canyon across the top of a band of 200 foot cliffs for about half a mile, and then descends down canyon back to the Nature Trail.

The run was only 10 miles in total. I have run 10 miles before. The punishment came with the 2400 feet of elevation gain (and subsequent loss which isn't as bad) over the course of the run. The hardest part was about 85% of the elevation gain occurring in about a mile and half (mile 3.5-5). What was running quickly turned into power-hiking and then deteriorated into just trying to make it to the top. It was rough.

I have never wanted to stopped moving as much as I did by the end of the run. I was completely haggered at the end. I also haven't ever been as dehydrated as I was. Over the course of the run I drank three litres (100 oz) of water and a 32 oz Gatorade at the end and it was over an hour before I had to go to the bathroom. I think I actually stopped sweating during the second half of the run.

Although it was the most punishing run I have ever been, there was a big feeling of accomplishment at the end. This was a run I have been wanting to do for about three or four years now, but when we lived in Logan there was no way I could have run that far. I did enjoy the run, didn't enjoy the dehydration so much ( still am trying to rehydrate), and would consider doing it again.


Mrs. Olsen said...

That run is impressive!

The Millers said...

You forgot to mention playing frisbee, dodgeball, and volleyball for 2 hours in the park before running. You rule!