Monday, August 14, 2006


Jessi's brother James was up from Texas this past week. We drove him up to Wyoming on Friday to go and visit family. It was a good trip, filled with many fun activities. On Saturday Jess was able to go and sew part of the bumper pad for our crib. While she was doing that I went climbing with James and his friend Dale. We hit up the Wild Iris and got in a few hours worth of climbing in before a thunderstorm happened upon us. Running through a meadow and along an exposed ridge to try to stay ahead of the the thunder and lightning isn't exactly what I would call a good time (especially with about 25 pounds of gear and a rope on your back), but it was exciting. We got pounded with some rain and a little hail. After the rain stopped and everything dried out we went bouldering a little bit around the cabins on the Loop Road. We hit up some problems we had put up in previous years.

Sunday was a bit of a relaxing day. We spent a couple hours revisiting another bouldering where we had put up problems a few years ago. While we were there, we not-so-gently removed a dead tree blocking a potential problem (it consisted of us pushing it over, it getting stuck on a nearby tree, us throwing sticks and rocks to try to break the the branch it was stuck on, jumping on the tree, and then finally using huge branches to lever the stump up so we could roll it off the branch). That was definitely a good time! Jess came with us to enjoy the sunshine and she definitely got a kick out of us and the dead tree. Pictures from climbing will be coming soon.

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