Friday, August 04, 2006

Nothing to write about.

Is it better to not write when you have nothing to write about or should you write a post about how you have nothing to write about? I think it may depend. If you never have anything to write about then your readers (if you have any left) will quickly get bored of you and stop reading. However, I think everyone at some time will write a post on how they have nothing to write about. It is good because it expresses to your readers that you are still committed to writing your blog, but you may be suffering from a lack of ideas.

Recent Outings

Here are some pictures from recent outings:

This is a boulder problem called "Mud" in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was kind of crazy because you had to pull off the ground with no feet, swing your leg into a heel-hook match, and then make a big move to a sloper. Good times.

This is on the Desolation Lake trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This turned out to be a fairly interesting run. After a fairly punishing uphill section the trail leveled off and cut through a meadow. I was feeling stoked to be done pushing uphill so I kicked up the speed a little. As you enter the meadow there is a marshy area to the right where a stream pools and makes a shallow pond. About halfway past the marshy area I heard some wicked loud crashing in the thickets to my right. About 60 feet in front of me a huge cow moose comes flying onto the trail. To the right there is another moose charging through the thicket the other way. I skidded to a stop as the moose crossed the trail into the brush on the other side. The first thought that crossed my mind was "I hope she doesn't have a calf and I hope she doesn't see me". There really wasn't anywhere I could seek big boulders to hide behind and no trees to climb. Luckily as I started to back off the moose kept running. I walked back to the shelter of some smaller pines and took stock of the situation. I really wanted to get to Desolation Lake; I had heard the vistas were beautiful. I had just completed the most taxing part of the run and only had about1 more mile and about 500 more vert to go. As I decided to proceed I stepped gingerly back onto the trail scanning both to the left and to the right to try and spot the moose. After about a hundred feet I figured both moose kept on going and were long gone. Right as I started to run again I heard some branches snap to my left. I looked over in time to see the moose eyeball me. I immediately retreated once again to the small pines not wanting to see first hand how fast a moose could really run. I took stock of the situation once again, wussed out, and decided to head home. I knew I could probably get the past the moose on the way to the lake because I knew where they were, but I didn't want to chance surprising them on my way back through. As I ran down the trail I stopped to snap this shot of the trail and wildflowers.

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