Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who Are You?

Woah! Who are you and what happened to your hair? That's right I got a hair cut. Well I should say I pretty much shaved my head. It was that time. The hair had gotten very long and very unruly. I figured once the small mammals moved in it was time to cut it. While we were buzzing my head we stopped a couple of times to pay tribute to some of my past haircuts.

To little Eric from about the 1st to 3rd grade this one is for you:

For the Eric from 4th to about 9th grade, this is for you little buddy:

That's right folks, that is a rat tail.

Here's the remnants of what I had on my head yesterday afternoon:

Woah, is that a sink full of hair? Why yes it is. That was a lot of hair that came off.

You know the feeling of the first couple of steps after you take off your heavy backpack that you've been carrying for the past couple of hours when you are backpacking? The feeling like you feel so light and have an extra spring in your step? That's how my head felt this morning. I felt ultra-sleek and aerodynamic. It was a good time.

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Mrs. Olsen said...

Wow! Looks good! Too bad the hair contest is over for the pictures along the way!