Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Backpacking Grand Gulch

This past weekend we went backpacking down in the Grand Gulch Primitive Area of Southern Utah. It was both Jessica and I's first backpacking trip in Southern Utah. It was amazing. First off we were able to drop Penelope off at Jessica's sister's house in Blanding for the weekend, second the weather the beautiful, third it's been a few years since we went backpacking together, and fourth the group we went with was awesome.

Grand Gulch is this huge canyon that was home to many Native Americans. The place is scattered with old ruins that you can walk up and check out (although there is only one that you can actually enter the buildings).

The trip was planned by my friend at work Walt and he invited us along. All I can say is it was awesome and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are some of my favorites followed by all the pictures we took.

Jess coming out of Perfect Kiva.

The group hiking through the valley.

One of the drops into the valley.

The rest of the pictures.


Becca said...

Peter loves grand gulch! He's been there a couple times with his family.

The Millers said...

We've been backpacking together more recent than a few years ago. Maybe last year's backpacking with the baby so awful you blocked it from your mind? Don't blame ya...

climbinskier said...

I was referring to the last time we went backpacking just the two of us, without a child to take care of.

The Millers said...

ah, yes