Friday, March 07, 2008

You Sure You Want that Bottle of Water?

I'm not one to repost a blog post that I've read. I'm going to make that exception today.

I saw a great post on bottled water that I read on The Goat blog. Rocky got it from Greenberg and the Ventura Country Star.

This is something that I completely agree with and have strong feelings about (though not militant feelings about). I couldn't tell you when the last time was we bought a bottle of water. At home we drink from the tap, at work we drink from the tap, when we go on the road we take Nalgene bottles and fill them up at gas stations. Considering that we have perfectly fine tap water there's no need to pay extra for it.


Ryan and Megan said...

when we were in Alaska, they sold Skagway AK spring water. A few days later we saw the owner of the company at the local trialer park filling up the water bottles from the hose. He then turned around and sold these bottles of "Alaskan water" to tourists for 2 bucks a bottle. It was fantastic....

climbinskier said...

My favorite part about that is he was filling them up with a hose, at a trailer park. That's high quality right there. Best around. He should have been selling those for $5 a bottle!