Friday, February 29, 2008

Hot & Sour Soup Anyone?

As many people know I love hot & sour soup. I would consider it one of my top favorite soups.

Tonight we decided to out to dinner and opted for Chinese. While I was eating my hot & sour soup I thought that Penelope might like to try some. I got a little broth on the spoon and gave it to her to test and she loved it! She kept wanting more and more. I gave her little bites of all the stuff in the soup and she ate it all.

We also tried out sweet & sour chicken on her along with tiny spicy chicken. Yup, she liked those too and kept eating them. I thought the tiny spicy might be too spicy for her but she kept chowing it.

The fact that she likes Chinese food, especially hot & sour soup, makes me happy.

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