Thursday, September 07, 2006

I made a bike

Okay that isn't true, I made two bikes. Well I didn't actually "make" the bikes, I just pieced together two bikes from some frames that I had. One is a single speed cruiser for riding around the neighborhood, to the store, etc. The other bike is a single speed commuter. I won't actually commute to work, but I'll ride it to where our carpool meets. I wouldn't ever actually bike to work. A guy from work decided to ride his bike from SLC to Park City. He left at 4:30 AM and got to work at 7:15 AM. Not really a feasible task for everyday. Anyway...The commuter isn't quite done yet. I still need to put on the brake and tape the handlebars, but other than that it is good to go. For now here's a picture of the cruiser. I'll post a pic of the commuter when it is finished.

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The Millers said...

You mean you made a bike that your wife is going to steal. It's so fun to ride!