Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bike Commuting

I finally finished my second bike. It is a single speed commuter that I now ride to my carpool. As I mentioned in a previous post, there is no feasible way to fully bike commute to work. I am especially stoked about this bike because 1-I put it together myself (with some good pointers and help from my friend Matt) and 2-It cost less than $40. A friend gave me the frame (he found it in the dumpster along with another frame that he kept for himself). All of the parts came from the SLC Bike Collective. Check out their website. They are a rad non-profit that sells bike parts, has bike education classes, and fixes up bikes to give to under-privileged kids. I am especially stoked (and also promote) bike commuting for the following reasons:

  1. It saves money. I had driven our second car to meet up with the carpool 3-4 days a week. We ended up filling the car with gas about every two weeks. Current cost to top off the tank, about $35. In two weeks of bike commuting the bike will be paid for.
  2. Exercise. I now get an extra 35-40 minutes of exercise a day. You can't complain about this.
  3. It is good for the environment. Less driving equals less emissions.
  4. It feels good to be socially responsible.
Check out the bike:
I still have yet to run since the marathon. I actually wish I could run, I don't like not running. My left knee is still a little sore so I guess it is good that I haven't run yet. The main reason why I haven't run is my shoes are so ridiculously worn out. I have a new pair coming from Montrail and the day I get them I will definitely be out on the trail breaking them (and myself) in.


The Millers said...

Don't break yourself. :)

Mrs. Olsen said...

I really like your bike! Also, here's a running tip: A lot of runners' knees hurt because their hips are tight and there's a tendon (or something like that) that connects to the hip and the knee. So, if your hip is tight (which it is for A LOT of runners) then your knee hurts. Moral: Stretch your hips.

climbinskier said...

Thanks for the tip. I did read about that, it is called Illiotibial Band Syndrome. I may have it. I definitely need to stretch more. Thanks for the reminder.