Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Redneck Saturday

Today was great. Jessica had a class to go to at 8:00 this morning (don't know when the last time was she needed an alarm to get up) so I got to spend the morning with Penelope, it was great. We hung out and cleaned the house. She likes to help me vacuum. :)

Then we went to a diaper party for a couple in our ward who are having a baby in about two weeks, that was also a good time.

Then we went to Cache Valley to visit my mom for Mother's Day. This is where the redneck shenanigans begin. My mom has picked up some new hobbies since she got married this past December. About a month or two ago when I was talking to her on the phone she said "guess what? I got a BB gun". Then about two weeks ago when I was talking to her she said "you'll have to come check out my new 20 gauge shotgun". That's right folks, my mom is the proud owner of a 20 gauge shotgun. You might be saying to yourself "Eric, there's plenty of people who own shotguns that aren't rednecks". But then I say to you "she sits on the front porch of their house, which is on a small farm, to shoot it."

There's the evidence of the shenanigans. I've got the shotgun, my mom (to the left) has the BB gun. I took a few shots at some buckets that were hanging on the fence across the driveway. It was the first time I shot gun in probably 13 or 14 years. It was a good time. Now I'm set for another 13-14 years before I need to shoot a gun again.


Becca said...

Penelope likes the vaccuum? Lindsay cries and runs away! Penelope must be very brave :)

climbinskier said...

She does like the vacuum. She likes me to hold her while I vacuum. It makes my arm very tired!

The Millers said...

You forgot to mention going to see the cows on your Redneck Saturday.

Ashley said...

Stumbled on your blog looking for redneck pics. I really like how it is set up and the articles are nice. I'm trying to get into this blog thing and you gave me some ideas. Thanks :)