Friday, May 16, 2008

Good Friday Night

Tonight was awesome. It started with leaving work early and a great bike ride home. Jessica and Penelope were outside waiting for me, which is always great. Then I got to spend to some time just me and Penelope while Jessica loaded a couple of new hats to her website.

We decided to go out and get some fish tacos from Rubios, who, by the way, make the best fish tacos. Since we were in Sugarhouse we decided to walk around a bit.

First we were going to go to the library and pick up some books for Penelope but it was closed. What, a public library open later than 6 on a Friday? What was I thinking? Instead we walked over to Barnes & Noble for a few minutes.

While in B&N I was checking out the latest issue of Home Power. There was a really good article on potable rainwater collection systems. Yeah I don't have a house, but I love reading about stuff like that anyway.

Then we made a quick walk around to Downeast Outfitters and then over to Old Navy to get Penelope a new hoody. Yeah I'm not a super big fan about walking around shopping, but the weather today and this evening was so nice it was great to be walking around.

We finished the night off visiting Whole Foods to get some killer Stonyfield Farms Creme Caramel Ice Cream. We also picked up a few cookies from the bakery. While we were at the checkstand we saw these killer bags:

They are 80% made out of recycled soda bottles and pretty well made. I asked the cashier how much they were (out of curiosity) thinking that it's Whole Foods so they've got to be at least $5. Nope, only $.99! So we picked one up. They feel really similar to the lunch tote I made Jessica a few months ago out of used plastic grocery bags. The best part is they have a killer warranty. "If at anytime the bag wears out from normal use, bring it into a Whole Foods store and we'll replace it for free.". That's a pretty good warranty on a reusable grocery bag.

We came home, gave Penelope a bath (which she was extra cute during, we got some awesome video one of us might post), played a bit, and then put her to bed. Once she was in bed we indulged ourselves to the cookies and ice cream we bought while we watched the Office from last night (which was absolutely hilarious!). We also had this wicked good drink Jess made with ginger ale and a syrup made with sugar, lemon juice, mint, and rosemary. Very refreshing!

It's been a long time since we've had a night like this and it was a great change!

Oh yeah, happy end of bike to work day.

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*MILLY* said...

these are awesome! I need some!