Monday, May 12, 2008

Bike Trailer, Finally!

We finally got a bike trailer! After about two years of wanting one we picked one up. We got it from my mom's sister-in-law (true story). It's a Burley d'lite that is about 3 years old. The two best parts are it was only used a couple of times and has been hanging in their garage ever since and we picked it up for only a hundred clams!

Here's the full rig.

We took it for a couple of small test rides yesterday, once around the neighborhood and once to the park. Tonight was the real test. Penelope and I went to the store to do our grocery shopping for the week. It went extremely well. I will admit that in my excitement to finally ride to the store and take Penelope with I left my wallet home and Jessica had to bring it to me (rookie mistake).

Happy after the ride.

Using the trailer for groceries was awesome! I fit almost the full load into the small storage space in the back of the trailer. I had to put one bag in the trusty milk crate.

The evidence.

The bike is currently my single-speed commuter. I do have plans for turning it into a utility bike (very soon). The extra gears will be especially helpful on the uphills. Once I have the bike converted over to be utility bike I'll post new pictures and a description of what I've done.

After we got home and ate dinner Penelope decided she wanted to play with my bike helmet. To that I say "what better toy then a bike helmet!".

Cheesing it up for the camera.


Mrs. Olsen said...

What fun!

The Millers said...

That picture makes me laugh everytime. She is too funny.

Pia said...
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