Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Vacuum

Who'd ever thought that getting a new vacuum would be exciting? Well I certainly never did.

Last Monday we went to Costco to pick up a new vacuum. Our old vacuum sucked (well I say it didn't suck). When we'd turn it on it sounded like and F-16 was landing in our living room. We'd run it around for about a minute and it's smell like the F-16 had caught on fire. Then we'd finish vacuuming and the floor would still be dirty. I guess we could say "what'd we expect from a free hand-me-down vacuum?". We finally said enough is enough and forked out the bills a new vacuum.

It is awesome. We were seriously excited to put it together and vacuum the house. The new vacuum works wonderfully! The carpets looked completely different when we were done. Also it was gross to see the amount of stuff that came up out of the carpet. It really showed how much the old vacuum didn't work.

Maybe it's a sign that we are boring that a new vacuum is so exciting.


Mrs. Olsen said...

We got a new vacuum (also from Costco, but not the same one) a few months ago and we were really excited, too. If you're a dork, at least you have dorky friends to enjoy it with! :)

climbinskier said...


Ryan and Megan said...

No way! Getting a new vac is way exciting. If it makes you feel any better, i got new dryer sheets and ryan and i were so excited to do a load of laundry just so we could see how they would smell! hahaha
We are in desperate need of a new vacuum, so i am totally jealous and envious of your new vacuum!