Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Think It May Officially Be Fall

We have had a very rainy week. This past week it rained almost everyday. The week before was absolutely beautiful. Temperatures were very moderate, it was sunny, it was perfect fall weather. Sitting inside at work was hard. Whenever I'd go outside I would have to battle with myself to go back in and work. All I wanted to do was be outside. This past week was a little different with all of the rain. I love it. I can't say when the last time was that I enjoyed fall so much.

I finally ran on Friday. For work we had an offsite where we played a little adventure game my manager came up with. It was sort of like the Amazing Race in that we were in teams, had to run around the mountains behind her house, find clue, solve puzzles, etc. It was a good time. The total game time lasted about 4 hours. During that time we ran, hiked, walked. I was nervous the whole time that my knee would start hurting. It actually didn't hurt at all. After the game my legs did ache a little because it was the most I have ran since the marathon. I have only ran once since the marathon so my legs definitely weren't use to it. Yesterday my knee didn't hurt at all so I am very excited. I plan on starting to run again on Monday. I will be taking it easy to avoid any overuse injuries. I found it interesting during the game on Friday that my ankles were sort of weak. I semi-rolled my right (the "bad") ankle twice and the left once. It was intriguing to see how quickly the body loses it shape. I haven't had to worry about rolled ankles for months and now I will have be mindful of that for the next week or so until I am back into it.

It is hard to believe that Jess is due in 8 weeks. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think that we are having a baby, but other times it is completely normal. Needless to say, we are both very excited and can't wait for our baby to come and see us!

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