Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun, Fun, Fun

In case you haven't read Jessi + 1 lately, you should. We had a great time making Halloween ginger bread houses. I couldn't believe how much fun it turned out to be. It was also quite delicious.

So work finally gave me a salaried position. There was an opening in the head count which meant open funds in the budget and whamo-kablamo I finally have a salaried position. They would have given me one sooner but the hiring budget was maxed out for the year so they couldn't. It has been kind of funny because I will continue to do exactly what I have been doing for the past few months but now I will just get paid more. I didn't mind the lower pay because I was gaining extremely valuable experience. I put in my time and it paid off. That is way it seems to go in the outdoor industry. To celebrate Jess and I went to Cafe Madrid which is in the Black Diamond factory complex. It was quite delicious and a very nice evening out.

Today was a pretty good day. We had a bouldering lunch up Echo Canyon. This evening I checked out an extremely rad slideshow presentation by Chris Davenport about his quest to ski the 14ers of Colorado in one year. Check out the website and read about his quest. So far there has been one other person to have skied all 54 of the 14ers in Colorado and it took him 12 years! Chris is trying to do it in one season! So far he has knocked out 45 of them so he only has 9 more to go. The slideshow was followed by a boulder session at an apartment complex where our friends used to live.

We got Jess' ski stuff today. Well not all of it but a good chunk of it. We got her skis, skins, and poles. We are very excited for her to pick up skiing.

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