Sunday, August 16, 2009

The New Commuter Bike

With the move to Cincinnati, a longer commute, and wetter weather I thought it prudent to get a new bike for commuting. The cyclocross bike is awesome, but I want to keep it nice. The daily commute, wet weather, and especially winter are hard on bikes and I want to keep my investment running top notch.

Enter the new commuter bike:

Isn't it sexy (yes it is). This thing is a machine! Old steel frame (no idea who made it, all markings were gone). I stripped it down to be a single-speed but left the rear derailleur on to act as a chain-tensioner. Removed the drop bars for a flat bar and regular brake levers. Still rocking 27" wheels. Added the fenders and rear rack.

Best part is I paid $40 for the bike and have put another $35 in parts into it (grips, cables, tubes, bar). It's ready to roll. I have two weeks on it already and it is awesome. All I need is cross tires for the winter commute.

My favorite part is the headbadge. The original one is missing so I made my own:

Yup, that's a spoon. I made it out of a soda can using a razor knife. Pretty sweet in my opinion!

I am super excited to be commuting on a single-speed again.


Jessica said...

Now with the spoon badge everyone is going to want to steal it. Good thing you have two U locks :)

climbinskier said...

I'm sensing a hint of sarcasm.