Friday, August 07, 2009

The Cincinnati

So it's pretty much common knowledge that we are moving to Cincinnati. I got into a nine month master's of marketing program at the University of Cincinnati. We're leaving on 8/31. Woo! It took a little longer than we had planned, but it's nice to finally be moving on to the next life goal.

We haven't ever been to Cincinnati so we're excited to get there and see what it's like. From people we know here's what we've been told:

  • Cincinnati is a hole

  • Cincinnati isn't that bad

  • Cincinnati is nice

  • All of Ohio is a hole

  • UC is a good school

  • It's the spaghetti capitol of the US

  • It has the best gelato outside of Italy

  • The southern woods of OH have great mountain biking

  • The cyclocross scene is pretty rad (too bad I won't really be able to participate in it this year

So that being said we're taking all of it with a massive grain of salt. If Cincinnati sucks, oh well, it's only nine months! You can expect plenty of updates on the move and what life is like there for us.


Jessica said...

So sad, are you guys having a going away party? If not, you should.

Jessica said...

You forgot to mention it's only 6 hours from where I grew up so I finally get to take you to see my house and neighborhood!