Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Like the Way Kids Think

Setting: We're getting into the car tonight after going to dinner at Citrus Grill. As I'm backing out of the parking space Jessica says "I'd like to get an I-C-E C-R-E-A-M C-O-N-E" (gotta spell this stuff out around the kids).

I replied with "hey, there's a M-C-D just up the road, we could go get on there".

Penelope, hearing us spelling stuff out says "I want one of those".

We asked her "one of what?"

She gets a confused look on her face. We ask her "you want one of things mommy and daddy were talking about?"

She says "yeah, I want one of those."

She had no clue what we were talking about, but she must have know that since we were spelling something out it must be good. Blows my mind how she figures things out!


Becca said...

OOoh, she's sneaky!

Jessica said...

That's awesome. I told Andrew the story, he was laughing pretty hard. Smart kid :)