Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pzookies at the Millers

For Christmas my brother Zach gave me a Pzookie kit. It came with two cast iron pans, a recipe book, and mix for one set of Pzookies. Tonight Jessica and I finally made the first batch. Here's what they looked like before they went in the oven:

Here's what they looked like after they cooked and were 'fixed up' (we only had enough ice cream for one, haha):

And about five minutes later:


Big thanks to Zach, this present rules. Tomorrow morning I think I'll try making Omelets in them.

If you want to come over and eat some Pzookies, just let me know, we'll have you over. And if you're like my friend Maxfield and you don't like warm desserts, I'll put yours in the freezer.


Mrs. Olsen said...

Walter and I LOVE these! They are one of our favorite treats! We'll have to stop by sometime and take you up on your invite. I think you owe me a smoothie, too, as long as we're there. :)

climbinskier said...

You know, as I was writing this post I was reminded of the smoothie. Come on over, I'll make Pzookies and the mystery green smoothie!

Jessica said...

Maxfield is a weird duck, who doesn't like warm desserts?