Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back to work

The week long "vacation" is over. Luckily I was able to take a week off work after Penelope was born. Typically time off during the fourth quarter of the year isn't allowable for an e-commerce business. It's crunch time. Going back to work yesterday was hard. I missed my girls alot. After spending pretty much everyday together for a week you would like I would be excited at the prospect of getting "away". The exact opposite was true. I wanted to be home more than ever. Such is the way of life. I am very excited that Jess gets to take so much time off work. Thank you US Government for FMLA but no thanks for not even coming close to the benefits other countries offer for maternity leave. According to an article on MSN, in Sweden a mother gets up to 480 days PAID time off work. I know I shouldn't necessarily be complaining (which I'm not really doing) because at least there is something offered now. Not very long ago FMLA didn't exist and mothers were getting shafted even more.

On a happy note, it is winter and storms are predicted for later this week. Should be a good time in the mountains. Only about 5 more weeks before Jess should get cleared and we can get out together! I am very excited.

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