Sunday, November 19, 2006

Too Much Chocolate!

Yesterday was the 3rd annual chocolate show in Salt Lake. I went with my mom, aunt, and brother. It was a good time. It was a fairly small show so it didn't take too much time to walk around. I tried a slew of different chocolates from a variety of companies and chocolatiers. Within about 20 minutes of being there I was feeling slightly ill from eating too much chocolate too fast. I learned some interesting facts about chocolate and about some ways it is made. There was an area where you could make some goodies. I made a couple of caramel chocolate pretzel rods and a bag of Belgian Vanilla Hot Cocoa.

Being there and watching the pros make desserts made me miss my past culinary jobs. It brought back memories of being a line cook at the Cadillac Grille in Jackson Hole. I miss making their dessert plates and being in that fast-paced restaurant environment. Mmmm, dessert.

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