Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No Baby, EVER!

That isn't exactly true, but our baby certainly does not want to come out and see us. I know we aren't at the "due date" yet, but I want the baby! Both Jess and I are very anxious to have the baby with us. This whole time I kept saying the baby would come on November 29th (today) and I was absolutely sure I was going to be right. Oh well. We just hope the baby comes soon.

It has been wicked cold here the past couple of days. Last night it was in the low single digits and will be the same or colder tonight. It nuked up in the mountains with parts of Alta receiving 39". I can't wait to get out again and enjoy the white, fluffy goodness. I also can't wait for Jess to be able to get out and start doing the stuff she loves again. I will certainly watch the baby so she can go. All we need now is for the baby to come and see us!!

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