Friday, July 07, 2006

Time to play quick catch up...

Jess and I moved from downtown SLC to Holladay at the beginning of May. We live in a cute little duplex close to the Cottonwood Canyons, Millcreek Canyon, and Parleys. It is nice because moving cut my commuting time in half and left Jess's about the same. We are beginning to prepare the apartment for our first baby whom we are expecting to arrive sometime near the end of November/start of December. We are very excited (and a just a wee bit nervous) about being first time parents. I know it will be a big change but we fully plan on continuing to play and do the things we love.

We have been taking advantage of having weekends off by going on many trips. So far we have been to Moab, City of Rocks, Lake Tahoe, and Lander about two or three times. We know we will be going back to Lander at least once more this summer. I hope to make it up to Lava Hot Springs to do some "whitewater" tubing and sit in some hot springs. Other than that we don't have any other trips planned yet, but we will be getting out some more.

This past weekend I ran my first half-marathon, the Lander Valley Half Marathon. It was a brutal course with the first mile being flat, the next eleven miles were hilly, and the last mile was flat. I pushed a little too hard in the middle section of hills, zapping my energy and leg endurance. As a result i missed my goal by little over a minute. I finished with a time of 2:01:07. I was hoping to run it in under two hours, but I am pleased with my first go at running a "long distance" race. I plan on running Park Citys "Mid Mountain Marathon" in September and I may run the "Jupiter Peak Steeplechase" in August.

With Jess being pregnant I had to find a new climbing partner. I have been climbing about once a week with co-worker/friend Matt. I usually get out once a week. I have been focusing almost all of my climbing time with trad routes. I have only climb sport three times this year and bouldered only a handful of times, the rest has been trad. Below is a small collection of photos from climbing outings.

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