Saturday, November 07, 2009

Busy Saturday

Today was a busy Saturday, but busy in a good way. Jess worked this morning so I watched the girls. When Jess got home at 11 we went to have a picnic at a park up the road. It was sunny and mid-60s so it was perfect.

Then we went on a short hike. It was Penelope's first hike walking on her own and Maya's first in the backpack.

Penelope did so good. She held mom's hand the whole time but had fun crunching leaves, going over bridges, and touching plants.

Maya loved the backpack. She didn't scream once and had fun playing with my head.

Afterward Jessi watched the girls at the playground and let me go for a short trail run. It was the first since moving here. It felt good to run again. The trees and all the leaves on the ground were beautiful.

Then during nap time I went mountain biking. The first since moving and the first since wrecking and breaking a rib a few days before we moved. I finally swapped out my bent handlebars for the new ones that have been sitting in our closet since the move.

I went to the East Fork State Park and rode a couple of trails there. Riding in the woods is different than the northern UT trails. So many leaves, so many trees, and hardly any vert change.

Look at how happy the bike is! Here's a self-portrait of how happy I was:

I got home, ate a quick dinner, and then it was off to a Stake Priesthood meeting.

It was an awesome Saturday and it felt good to have a day full of physical activity. Thanks for being an awesome wife Jessi and letting me do lots today!

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