Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Big Move - Day 3

Since the previous days drive took between one to two hours longer than on paper, I decided that we needed to be on the road at 5 am to get to Cincinnati at a decent time. Steve wasn't too stoked since we'd be getting up at 3:30 his time (but really it was 4:30).

The Iowa sunrise:

The morning was hazy again, but it gave more great pictures with windmills:

I was surprised at how many massive wind farms we saw.

Apparently Iowa has "the worlds largest truckstop". Yeah, we didn't stop:

The mighty Mississip with a giant coal barge:

Hey Illinois:

Nothing worth noting in Illinois so hi Indiana:

The first sign for Cincinnati:

Hello Ohio:

Almost missed that pic. Saw it coming. Hurried to get the camera and at the last possible second snapped that pic.

We pulled into apartment parking lot at about 7:30. All told it worked out to be about 12 hours of driving (not including the time change).

I can't believe how smooth and how quickly the drive went.

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