Monday, December 08, 2008

Great Article on Caffeine

My friend Adam posted a link on an article that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints posted on the "Energy Drink Epidemic".

I thought it was a well written article. It more addresses caffeine addiction and many of the health risks associated with caffeine (over)use, misuse, and abuse. I think the rise in energy drinks has definitely had a leading role in many of the health issues of today. Not only in terms of caffeine consumption, but many of the drinks are loaded with sugars and carbonation (which have their own health risks). Put these three things together in combination and you're bound to have problems.

Reading over the lists of health-problems in the article it came to my mind that in the past few years I've seen ads on TV and in magazines to 'help' all of those conditions. I've also known, personally, many people who suffer from one or more of those ailments.

My question is, why do we continue to do this to ourselves? Not just energy drinks, but sugar, lack a exercise, horrible diets, no fruits & vegetables, etc? Don't get my wrong, I'm definitely not perfect and nor am I saying that I am. We must be a nation of imbeciles. We let ourselves get swayed into consuming (and purchasing) things that we don't need, then we end up buying more stuff to battle the negatives effects of what we fist consumed. I'm tired of the "American" lifestyle and diet. Instead of sitting around complaining why don't you get off your pity-pedestal and do something about it?

What are you thoughts on "the Energy Drink Epidemic"?

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