Thursday, November 15, 2007

Do you know why I pulled you over?

"Well no sir" (okay...I knew).
"You were going 44 in a 30."

As it turns out I didn't know I was going 44 (didn't look) and didn't know it was 30 (didn't see the sign).

That was the glorious event that transpired driving home from the Buchanan's two Fridays ago. I completely forgot to blog about it, but then as I was paying my fine online just now I remembered I needed to post about it.

The most ironic part of the whole thing is we just renewed our auto insurance in October and for the first time since Jess and I have known each other we both had completely clean driving records and were bumped up to the "highest" level of insurance.

So I just paid 132 bills my speeding mistake. 82 of them go to pay the fine and 50 of it goes to traffic school so the ticket doesn't go on my record. So we're out 132 clams but at least we get to keep the good standing with the insurance.

All that is left is going to traffic school.


climbingrocks said...

oh man that sucks. we will make you your favorite cookies if you want.

climbinskier said...

Adam - I'll take you up on favorite cookies...chocolate chip will be delicious. Wait, nix that, let's go with the oatmeal cookies we had when we watched Transformers. I think they were oatmeal chocolate chip.

Anonymous - thanks for the spam. I think I'll delete it now. Also, thanks for ruining my streak of not ever having spam in my comments.