Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Am I a Hippy? - Part Three

Zach (my intern at work) seems to think so. We've had numerous discussions at work about what we do at night, music, dress, etc. I've given Zach a hard time on numerous occasions because he doesn't ever climb because he's "trying out the social scene" (to use his words). Apparently he's been trying out the social scene for awhile because another co-worker gives him a hard time for not skiing much last winter because "he was being social". He gives me a hard time about being a hippy because how I dress. It really isn't "hippy-ish" at all, just compared to how he dresses it is. He's more into the hip snow/skate scene.

The other day Zach said "I'm going to listen to a little 50 Cent". To which I replied "Yano, I don't think I've ever heard 50 Cent". His mouth opened a little and he stared at me for a second. I continue to say, "You see, you have mainstream music right here" while circling with my left hand off to the left, "and you have me" while circling with my right hand off to right. "I don't really listen to most of it because I think it sucks" (as most of you know I'm very opinionated about music). Zach's reply was "let me draw you something". He then proceeded to draw a diagram on his whiteboard. Here's a rendition of exactly what he drew:

After he drew the picture he then proceeded to explain it to me. "You see here on the left you 'society' or 'being social', you also have 'good dress', and 'good music'. Oh, what's that in the middle of all of those? That's right, it's 'Zach'. If you look way over here to the right you have 'Eric'. What's he surrounded by? Oh that's right, 'Hippie'". I laughed a lot.

I then took the whiteboard from him and made a slight alteration. I commented to Zach "If you look over here by 'Eric' you'll also see 'climbing'. Please notice the large disconnect between 'Zach' and 'climbing'". Zach laughed a little then grabbed the whiteboard back. He then drew the fourth circle and labeled it "Athletic". He proceeded to comment "would you look at that last circle? Look at those four circles and who's in the middle? Oh yeah, that's Zach". We had a good laugh.

Zach proceeded to show the drawing to whomever walked by for the rest of the day. Everyone had a good laugh. I, of course, had to make my case every time. A few people did give him a hard time for being "social" and not recreating anymore.

Am I a hippy?


Mrs. Olsen said...

So, you are a hippie because you don't listen to 50-Cent and you like to climb? I guess there's also the argument that you aren't "social", although you are a married father, or "athletic", although I think you have to be athletic to climb or ski. I think you're just an adult. :) Plus, if you are a hippie based on those things, I am too!

Mrs. Olsen said...

As an adendum, maybe making your own grocery bags does put you in the hippie category some, but that's not the i-don't-shower kind of hippie.

climbinskier said...

How often does one need to shower to not be in the "i-don't-shower" kind of hippie category?

You are right though, making our own grocery bags does put me one step closer.

I am glad you also realized that you may be a little bit "hippie".

Mrs. Olsen said...

I think the showering thing depends both on your body and your reason for not showering. Some people not showering makes them a hippie, and some people not showering makes them a hobo.

The Millers said...


climbinskier said...

That's hilarious!