Friday, March 10, 2006

The obligatory hand washing

There is a certain phenomena that happens in public restrooms that amuses me. It is the obligatory hand washing. It happens like this: You finish using the restroom, you are washing your hands. There is someone else using the restroom and when they are about to leave they see you washing your hands. They then feel the obligation to wash their hands because you are there washing yours and they walk to the sink, hurriedly splash their fingertips with some water, dry them off, and then go. You know they only did it because you were there. What's the point? It doesn't do any good. I know you didn't wash them, you aren't fooling me. If you don't want to wash your hands, don't. If you take the time to get your fingers wet and then dry them off, then you might as well take the extra 20 seconds to actually wash them.

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